If you are a student who wants to fast-track your learning path, a junior environment artist/level artist who wants to refine your skill, or if you want to get a different perspective on how I approach the environment art, this mentorship might be for you.

I can help you with the whole environment creation process, from the vital part of planning and preproduction to the final details you will add to your environment. On top of that, I can help you and answer your questions about working in a team, soft skills, etc. Ultimately, my goal is to give you a new point of view on the process and help you become more independent on problem-solving over time.

In a nutshell, this is for you if you want to learn how and understand what to do instead of someone telling you what to do. I hope the mentorship will help you become your own guide, allowing you to achieve a consistently high-quality environment.


If you like what you're reading, I offer a mandatory informal "get to know" each other via video chat. The first mandatory step will be a 15-minute free introductory call. This will allow me to get to know you, understand your needs and expectations, and know if this mentorship is for you. Not only that, but this will allow you to get to know me before committing to pay the mentorship fee and deciding if I am the right fit for you. After the call, and once we mutually agree on a goal, schedule, etc., then you can proceed to the payment (see below)

Book your call by pressing this link:


The mentorship will cost 300 Canadian dollars per month (or the equivalent in your currency), payable on PayPal. The introductory call is needed before you proceed with the payment. The fee needs to be paid before each 1-on-1.

Pay your monthly fee here:

The price might change in the future, but you will keep paying the initially agreed price.


  • Every week: 15 mins of offline video feedback on the project or the piece you want.*
  • Every Month: 1 hour of live 1on1 where we will have a chance to have a conversation, ask questions, etc.
  • Every week: access up to 1h+ of extra video feedbacks from the other mentees (depending on the number of mentees).
  • Extra: All the previous weekly feedback from the past reviews
  • Extra: Access to Discord channel where you can ask questions that I'll either answer on the chat or during the weekly feedbacks videos depending on complexity.
  • Extra: If you haven't already, you will get all the tutorials I made so far and that I will be making while you're still a mentee.


The mentorship is happening on Discord, a platform that will allow us to efficiently share screens, files, images, text, etc. The mentorship server will be hosted by Spaghetti Game, another knowledge-sharing project I'm running. We will use Google drive if we need to share projects files, videos, feedback, etc. More information will be provided once agreed on the mentorship.


Apart from the preproduction and presentation aspect of an environment, I believe this mentorship will help you improve your technique, inspire and give you information on how to improve your workflow and guide you through becoming conscious about the artistic and design choices you will make in your environment. In order to do that, a good level of knowledge of the software you'll be using is needed as this mentorship will not teach you how to use the software.


If this is too big of a commitment for you, don't worry and check the dedicated page for a one-off call for a portfolio review, interviews, questions, etc. Go to this link:


Feel free to contact me via the contact form or Discord [leonano#2504]

*I will review your progress only if you submit your work by the weekly deadline (Sunday 3 PM Pacific Time). You will receive the feedback within the following 48 hours. No video review for the week of the 1on1.


My name is Leo Iezzi. I’m currently working as a Lead Level artist at Microsoft - The Coalition.

I enjoy sharing knowledge with others. This has recently inspired me to create a mentorship program that I run in my spare time to help and encourage others entering the gaming industry.

I also collaborate with some schools around the world, providing industry know-how and support.

With an artistic eye and a technical mindset, I enjoy the daily challenges of the videogame industry. There is always something new to learn which activates my brain and keeps the creative juices flowing. I usually explore fields that improve my environment/level artist results, from digital painting to Python programming.

Previously, I worked for various video game companies such as Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Reflections, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, PUBG Corp, and All the teams have been giving me the chance to work on fantastic IPs such as FarCry, The Division, PlayStation VR, PUBG, The Town of Light, and more!

I also have been freelancing for other non-competitive companies, participating in and providing supervision for various projects, including VR expertise for businesses, VR training experiences, and more.

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