Unlike Mentorship, which focuses more on long-term growth, a One-Off call is a quick 60 minutes call with no commitment and no long-term goals. The purpose of this call is for me to provide you the help that you need with various topics. Some examples:

  • You want me to have an eye on your portfolio and give you an honest no filtered opinion.
  • Are you approaching an interview, and you want some bits of advice and double-check your strategy.
  • Do you want a second opinion on a presentation you will be doing?
  • You want some one-off feedback on the environment you're making.
  • You're thinking of joining the videogame industry and have a lot of questions about it.
  • If it's something different you can always contact me here


90 Canadian dollars payable via Paypal at this link:


To book your 1 hours session, follow this link and choose the time slot that fits with your schedule:


Feel free to contact me via the contact form or Discord [leonano#2504]