150+ Questions to ask yourself when making an Environment 40% Completed

News / 11 August 2022

Hello there, I have a piece of good news to announce, as some of you already know a few months ago I released a pdf called 150+ Questions to ask yourself when making an Environment that was still a work in progress. 

As I promised you, my plan was to keep updating it with more and more info, and finally, I'm happy to announce that the book reached ~40% complete. All the questions in the Storytelling section now have a dedicated page that explains more in-depth the question's meaning.

The product has been updated already in the marketplace, so you should be able to download the latest version. I kept updating it throughout this time but I learned that the marketplace doesn't send you an update unless you activate that notification guess, and that's the reason I wanted to make this post, to let you all know about the progress, celebrate, and give you an opportunity to comment and tell me what you think. In fact, if you like this content, let me know in the comment section, please! 

To celebrate this milestone here is a Coupon for the first 40 people The promo code is: 40COMPLETED

Thanks for your support