Space corridor

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Leonardo iezzi asset 005
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Hi everyone, I would like to introduce my test. Just keep in mind that I have done all of this in two weeks whilst working a full time job. At the beginning I started to plan a “to do list” and to find some extra reference material,then I built up a quick blockmesh for checking the volumes, spaces and if it was a good-looking startpoint. It was, so, I detailed the blocking mesh. Imported in the engine and started to arrange a light set. Next step was to create the modules to reassemble the scene in the closest way to the blockmesh so I did, I assembled it in the graphic engine. I gave a lot attention to the shape/silhouette of the objects, I wanted to avoid having a flat environment. After being assured that the modules work fine, I unfolded the UVs and I created uv set. I reimported the uv modules and then I arranged the scene and the lighting. After that, the scene was set up and along with few tests of lightmapping I started with the texturing process. Step by step, texture by texture, the scene was getting cool, so I arranged a bit the post processing. After that the scene worked much better but the scene was too black and gray, so I arranged the lights and I added a few colored elements to the textures. At that point the scene was almost ready to deliver, but there was still time, so, I made a few holograms to better set the environment in the futuristic mood and also to add other colored elements. The last day, I spent to prepare the deliver files, because I’m conscious how important it is have everything with the right name, in the right place with the right properties. So that’s it.

December 7, 2015